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  SportsLeader Ministry - "Virtue=Strength"

 St. Patrick School is a member of the SportsLeader program.  Each week we work on a virtue from this program in our Athletics.  We are also incorporating the virtue into our classes throughout the day.

Our virtue this week is STAMINA - The strength to do something for a long time. STAMINA is one of the hardest things to build. It takes so much time and sacrifice but once you have it, it is a priceless tool that every great team needs to excel. STAMINA is not just for sports. We need STAMINA to be great parents, great employees, great citizens.


Lord, You showed heroic STAMINA as You carried Your cross, falling down three times but always getting up. Carrying a huge and heavy cross after you had been beaten and starved. Thank You for suffering so much for us, Lord. Please give us the strength to follow Your example.


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